Vinyl is growing in popularity due to its incredible durability. It’s water and stain resistant, making it ideal flooring for families and pet owners alike. Additionally, vinyl is a cost-effective way to mirror the look of more expensive flooring such as hardwood and tile, thus giving the floor a luxurious look for a lower price. 

Tips For Keeping Your Floor Looking New

Floors take a beating primarily due to the amount of traffic they endure. However, there are some things you can do to keep them looking newer longer! Let’s discuss. 

Be Gentle

Soft bristled brooms should be used on vinyl flooring. Vinyl is susceptible to being scuffed and scratched, so it’s important to use something non-abrasive when cleaning. This goes for vacuuming as well; it’s okay to do, but simply using the suction is plenty to get the floor cleared of crumbs and debris. 

Damp Does the Job

Damp mops are the absolute best for cleaning up spills on a vinyl floor. Do not saturate the mop because you do not want any water seeping through the joints of the vinyl. 

Door Mats are Your Friend

Generally, a doormat helps significantly when it comes to the lifespan of your vinyl floors. Vinyl does not get along well with dirt or chemicals from the outside world, and a doormat will help negate the destruction they can cause. 

Furniture Covers

Protective felt covers will protect your floor from the impact of heavy furniture. This prevents scratches and dents when moving pieces. Additionally, if you’re moving a large appliance across vinyl floors, you’ll want to create a pathway out of plywood first to avoid major damage to the floor. 


To finish off, here’s an unconventional tip! If you have vinyl floors in your bathroom, chances are you have buildup of hair products on it. A little squirt of hair shampoo with warm water can totally cut through that buildup while also keeping your floor protected. 

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